My Result ? Party Hard ^_^

Assalamualaikum and vas happenin guys ? So, today is the day, the day that finally reveals my PMR result. Everyone was scared, including me, of course. There’s no longer ‘ KEEP CALM AND WAIT PATIENTLY ‘ , but only ‘ NOW PANIC AND FREAK OUT ‘ sign came out of my mind. Every time people asking what is your target ? i will always say 8As although in my mind I’m only targeting 4A 2B 2C because I’m quite sure that i will get A for BM, BI, KH and my favorite subject, Science and C cause AG is so hard and previously exam I’m always get C for my Math. Well, i just had to wait for the result. I texted Syaz that night cause i’m always know she sleeps late, just like me.

Me : Syazz ! I am so nervous i can’t sleep, even 1D can’t calm me down !

Syaz : Me too, hmm, did you expect to get D ? Only 1D ? Why, what subject ? I’m sure you can get many A s.

Me : Dude, i mean One Direction. Not gred D.

Syaz : Owh, LOL .. Wait and see. 


This morning, the pressure is getting higher; my dad dropped me at the school gate and wished me luck. Thanks dad, you are my hero. I’ve always wanted to follow your step, studying in US. I walked slowly to the canteen and meet my friends, sharing our nervous and try to make a joke so we don’t stress too much. 

One hour gone, the teacher started to call all the candidates to the hall. This is the time when i felt like i’m gonna burst out. We lined up according to our class and heard headmistress gives some speech, telling us that there were 14 candidates got straight A and 7 more got 7A 1B.
While i’m trying to calm myself down, Ayni called me and Syaz from the other line. We communicated through hand-signal and mouth-mute signal. IDK what to call it. BTW, she said that only 23 got A for AG. I started to swear, awwww fck ! Syaz said to me, takpelah, redha jelah ~~~~

And then, the one who got 6A were announced first, most of them from 3 Usaha, congrats guys ! Next 7A, the first one to be called was Humaira, then it’s me. Wait, whut ? me ? OMG ! I rushed to get up the stage and take the result. I can’t believe it. Alhamdulillah ^_^ !

Finally, the massive 14 candidates were called to take their result. All of them were from my class, 3 Maju. Congrats to all of you !

After meet the teacher to thanks them, all of us went to the market to eat and drink and release the butterflies in our belly. We went back home at 3 PM. >.<


  1. tahniah dik.. kekalkan kecemerlangan utk spm :)

  2. Terima kasih >.< insyaAllah :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, tak lah seawesome yang dapat 8A ;)

  4. Assalamualaikum, tahniah akak! Wahh pandainyee akak :)

    1. Waalaikumsalam, chomel ^_^ thank youu :>

  5. Congrate, dude. High 5 cause our result it same :D

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