Eiman Danial When He Was A Youngster

Vas happenin peeps. Dude, i'm really, really exhausted answering exam papers. I'd never been this tired after finished my exam before, feels like my brain will explode anytime, probably because i use my brain over the limit -,- SPM papers are more complicated than i thought. Biology, Physic, Addmath and Chemistry are literally torturing mah brain. Gotta work harder x_x

Recently, someone asked me to post some pictures of Eiman Danial when he was a youngster. Eiman is my friend and we are in the same class. Once he showed me a picture of him wearing a fake wig when he was about 5 years old. He looks so adorable and cute ! He said that his mother was 'bullying' him at that moment haha. Okay, so, here's some pictures of him which i get it from his Facebook's album.

When he was starring Tentang Bulan The Series (2008)

When he was starring Hero Atuk (2009)

 When he was starring Basikal Cucu Atuk (2009)

Disney Channel "My School Rock" (2011)

Him and Walawei Crew

Recently starring Nurul Kasih (2013)

I asked him when this telemovie will be show on TV but he won't tell meh he just said it's on TV2

In The Class Ahahaha !

Wong, Eiman, Aqil, Bosco

Cute Bosco is cute xX


That's all pictures I can post. Go add him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Or maybe buy him a yoghurt because he really likes yogurt. Bye xX

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