End-Year Class Party at Titiwangsa 2013 // 4M // SMKBBS

Vas Happening guys :) First of all I want to apologize because it has been quite a long time I haven't update my blog. At that time I was really busy because my exams were just around the corner and I had to do my homework and assignment and stuff so yeah, I'M BACK :D WHO MISSED ME ? *no one*

Okay so on 27th November, my class aka 4 MAJU // SMK Bandar Baru Sentul held the end year class party at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. We organized the party by ourselves and we kinda used to it bcause we make end year party like this almost every year since we were in Form 1. Click *here* to view my post bout last year class party okay.

 Me and my other 3 friends -Ithar, Mas, Ayni- were given a task to create or organize the game part. We took the concept and ideas from a show Runningman. They love Runningman and never missed every single episode of it. To be honest for me I haven't watch Runningman before so I just followed what they had planned.

We planned all the games nearly 1 month before the party and we went shopping at SOGO and I swear it was one of the best memories ever because we acted like we were housemate. We bought a lot a lot i repeat a lot of things and it was really a struggle to carry all the stuff back home. My biceps are still sore aha.

So at the Titiwangsa, we set all things up including the preparation for games and the photo booth too !

some goodies

oh okay this is unnecessary but ahaha


Infront : #OOTD 

Behind : 4 MAJU 2013

First of all we planned to form a group. Seven captains will pick one person from a group of three that had been placed at three different station and they must find all the stations by themselves. And that three groups were blind-folded when they were brought to their station.

Each captain will has three persons that he had picked and they need to tie them with a rope.  

Eiman's group was the first group to arrive yayy

When all groups were already arrived, its time to start the game yayy! The first game was searching a candy and must be in the right amount and colors. That was pretty easy so we move on to the next game.

 Every group must find :

1. Old folks
2. A dating couple
3. A man wearing black shirt
4. Someone thats wearing a uniform
5. Small kids below 5

and took a picture with them. We also prepared some goodie bags as a gift for the one who's willing to involve and took picture with the groups. 

The next game was to search a book, read it for 3 minutes and Mas and Ithar will ask 5 questions based from the book they read. 

*Mas asking the questions with swag*

aaand the last game but not least, was an eating competition. Each group was lined and given a cup of vanilla coca cola, a bowl of instant noodle, a bar of chocolate and an orange.


Now all the games are already finished, it's time for lunch yayy !

 Secret Recipe's cakes yum

 Domino's pizzas yum

 Spaghetti and Angel's Hair Bolognese

 *me wanna poke the triffle with chopstick*

We were busy passing the foods at that time when suddenly Eiman collapsed OMFG I WAS REALLY WORRIED AT THAT TIME AND ABOUT TO CALL THE AMBULANCE lol but btw he can't get up bcause his legs were cramped for about 10 minuets and the boys lift him to a wider space and gave him a foot massage and every things was well again oh god.


 Look how eager I am to jump lol


 When you think it's gonna be a normal photoshoot . . .

No its not. Izzat is trying to kiss Bosco, Ithar is seducing Wong, Ikmal is hearing the baby inside Wong's stomach and yeah lol 

 Look what happened to Ithar and Kenny's face 


 When the girls were doing our photoshoot, we noticed someone is missing . . .

 Ikmal, you're busted AHAHAHAHAHA his face is priceless

We will meet next year as 5 MAJUANS // 2014

Bye, stay fab xx


  1. that was greatly awsome! woahh.. you have a great party! btw, where are you guys doing at?
    p/s :- my last schpol party just having a cake that my mom bake. we doesn't have enough money to make it. hurmm.. Jelly with you guys! :3

    1. aww thank you sweety :) we did it at taman tasik titiwangsa and tbh its not so hard to find that place bcause its near to a tunnel-like pathways

      fyi we could support this party bcause we collected rm1 once a week from each of the class member and by the end of the year we already got rm900+ so actually you can do it too

      ohyeah thanks again for reading xx

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