About Me

Well hello there :) so in this page I’m gonna list some facts about me that might be interesting or might be not for you. I really hope that some of this facts can relate to you or else it’ll really prove how weirdo I am. So without much a due, let’s jump right in shall we ? Enjoy !! (please don’t haha)

1. So my name is Atiqah Azhar.
2. But on internet I usually use nicknames such as chloe haz, faye haz or other names, it changes according to my mood from time to time. ((told you I’m weird))
3. I am 1997’s baby, so in this year I am 18 years old. ((I’m officially half-legal ehe))
4. I am from Pulau Pinang, but have been staying in Kuala Lumpur since I was 1.
5. Relationship status ? I am still single since I was born, yeah I never had a boyfriend.
6. It is because I don’t date, in my opinion dating thingy is useless until the time is right.
7. Nope I don’t have a crush, well actually I do, it’s Niall James Horan baybeh.
8. Ayy this indicates that I am a directioner, a one direction ( fantastic four) fan.
9. 5 years or dedication and still counting :).
10. I am 150+cm in tall and 50+kg in weight, I don’t even remember since I’ve no longer going thru segak procedure at school.
11. I have four eyes, aka, specky.
12. I have crooked teeth, sigh, need to fix them sooner or later.
13. I’ve straightened my hair, about 2 years ago.
14. I love vans and converse shoes ! They are lifeee.
15. My favorite ever food is pizza, they’re my comfort food, like, I can eat pizza for my whole life and I will not complaint about it.
16. My fav drinks, well basically coffee. I am addicted to coffee, every night I will drink about 2 mugs of coffee, I can’t stop it bcause I’ve been doing it since, I think when I need some boasts of energy when I was studying for PMR late night, now it has been my habit.
17. I don’t really like ice cream, but if I do crave for ice cream, only 2 flavors that I’ll chose, one is cornetto blackforest and another one is that green ice cream on stick that tastes sour on the outside but sweet vanilla flavor on the inside.
18. I don’t like the middle part of the oreo, like wtf is that.
19. I love doing crazy stuff on the public.
20. Once my friends and I were dancing the gangnam style dance beside the titiwangsa lake and other day we made a harlem shake video bc the whole day no teacher entered the classroom.
21. I am actually shy and awkward on the outside, I don’t talk much.
22. But when I’m online, damn man I am the queen on internet, well not really, I really love getting in fight with someone on the internet, those adrenaline rush in my blood as I smash my keyboard. I am the keyboard warrior as some of you called it. ((not proud of it, no I do not))
23. I do curse a lot, both in real life and on internet. Sometimes I can go like, what the actual fuck is wrong with you, you son of a bitch, if you just wanna talk shits here then you really need to get your big ass out of my blog because I will not give a single flying fuck for you being such an asshole, puta. ((sorry))
24. I like to procrastinate. ((procrastination nation))
25. I am lazy as heck, lazier than a sloth.
26. I usually go to sleep around 3 am in the morning. ((the result of excessive consuming of caffeine))
27. I am afraid to go to sleep, I don’t know why.
28. When I was a kid, I used to eat toothpaste. ((lick lick lick))
29. I also like to eat milo, like, in their powdered form. I don’t know how it started but until now I’m still doing it.
30. I rarely read books, like novels, all of my friends owns a shit loads of malays novel, I don’t really think they’re interesting, the plot twists are always the same.
31. So I read a fan fiction instead, most of them are mature-rated. Ya know, why not. There’s this one fanfic that it is so popular it was made into novels. 4 series of novels to be exact. I have the first novel. Directioners will know this novel right, it is called After. I can guarantee you this novel is as dirty as 50 shades of grey, but better bcause there’s one direction in it. Damn.
32. That was off topic so let’s move on, I ship larry stylinson. A lot. Fucking a lot I say. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson need to date, like, right now.
33. I’ve never experienced any extreme paranormal activities yet. ((besides sleep paralysis))
34. And I don’t want to.
35. And I’m scared of dark.
36. But I can’t sleep without my room in a complete darkness, my room needs to be as dark as my soul.
37. I love cats so so so so so so so much. And dogs too. When baby animals and baby humans were abused, I pity baby animals more.
38. When I was a kid, one of my ambitions were to be the “pembaca berita”. ((wtf m8))
39. But now when I’ve grown up, damn I don’t even know what I am gonna do with my future life, what carriers to choose, what studies/courses are suitable for me, it is all fucked up. Everything is blurry at the moment.

40. I don’t know what else to write, so I’ll add from time to time bcause me, I need to know myself better, I don’t know who I am truly yet. ((man that’s deep af))


Wow it’s such a long list, I’ve never thought it’ll be this long haha. Umm, so yeah, if you guys wants to follow me on twitter or instagram or other social media you can click on the navigation on the sidebar okay. I wanna be friends with you *makes kawaii face*

Thank you so much for reading and most important is thanks for spending your precious time on my blog, I really appreciate it.


Bye guys, STAY FAB AND RAD xx