50 Facts About One Direction Part 4

Hey guys ! Welcome Disember :3 ouh, I really wish I can touch a snow. I've only touch an ice that look like snow from my freezer and an artificial snow in i-City. Maybe someday i will touch the real one. So, let's read about 50 more facts about them, shall we ? >.<

1. “ Our band will never change, we will always be five singing idiots “ – Niall

2. Interviewer : What’s your reaction when a girl asks you to sign her boobs ?
Harry : Which one ?

3. “ Even if I’m mad in a situation where I’m mad at him, the person who can make me smile is Louis. Whatever happens he’ll make me laugh about something because he is that crazy “ – Liam

4. Zayn admitted that he gets distracted while performing when there are pretty girls in the audience.

5. According to Louis, Harry laughs a lot when he’s on twitter because all the perverted mentions.

6. Interviewer : I like your eyebrows by the way.
Liam : Thanks, i grew it myself.

7. “A real girl isn’t perfect and a perfect girl isn’t real” – Harry

8. Fan : I named my fish after you and it died , but my love for you never will
Niall :  .. So, you calling me a fish ?

9. Harry’s 17BLACK tattoo means good luck.

10. “I try to be cool but I’m not very good at it“ – Liam

11. Harry owns a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

12. Liam follows more fans on twitter than the boys do all together.

13. Harry likes to wear pants with a low crotch because he says there are ‘ Big issues in that low department’.

14. Harry says that Niall looks like a Furby.

15. Zayn said he would spend a day with a fan if she wasn't screaming in his face all day.

16. “ I hate to see a guy who insults a girl or is bad with her. I immediately think she’d be better if she was with me “ – Niall

17. “ I fancied this girl when i was really young but she was much older than me, and once she tickled me and i wet myself “ – Liam

18. Niall likes the One Direction Doll version of him because it has a big chest.

19. Interviewer : Would you like to work with bob?
Niall : Bob The Builder ?
Interviewer : I mean B.o.B
Niall : Oh

20. Recently, Harry played hide and seek with a small group of fans.

21. Zayn is scared of clowns.

22. Liam said him and the boys don’t get tired of singing the same song over again because they sing them differently each time.

23. “ When we were talking to a few fans in LA, Louis pulled down my jeans and i was standing there, only wearing my underwear. It wasn't funny , i was blushing for ages.” - Niall

24. The boys pinch each other’s butt during interviews to make their smiles more natural.

25. Zayn once fall asleep in the dressing room without pants.

26. Louis : Harry is the only who eats an apple with a knife and a fork.
Harry : It’s normal.
Louis : You are not normal.

27. Louis has a gold medal in swimming in mayonnaise with koala bears that he ordered on E Bay.

28. Harry favorite spot to kiss a girl is her neck, and he likes to be kissed right below the ear.

29. Louis once had a dream that Spongebob was hitting him in face, but when he woke up, it was just Niall wanting him to make food.

30. Louis has licked Zayn’s lips before.

31. Once Liam noticed the tour bus was leaving without him, he ran screaming towards the tour bus and the boys thought he was a fan.

32. When Louis was younger, he used to sit in his pushchair and say ‘ hello, have a good day !’ to strangers.

33. Even if Niall doesn’t know you, he’ll ask for your food if you have some and when it looks yummy.

34. Zayn wishes he could swap voices with Niall.

35. ”The only reason I wear stripes is because i secretly want to be a zebra.” - Louis

36. Interviewer : Do you prefer a girl’s boobs or bum ?
Niall : Her heart.

37. Zayn held Harry’s hand when Harry got his tattoo.

38. “ My favourite one in the band was Zayn, until he stole my meal. Now, Harry is my favourite. “ –Niall

39. “ Once i was taking shower and heard a noise, so i opened the curtains and there was Niall sitting on the toilet. He just said ‘ Hi ‘ “ – Zayn

40. “ I sometimes wish that i had a girl to cuddle up to at night rather than my pillow “ – Harry

41. “ Sometimes i think i’m not normal and i get weirder and weirder everyday “ –Louis

42. “ Louis and Niall don’t get many solos because their voices get girls pregnant “ – Harry

43. Niall once offered to give up his hotel room for fans waiting in the cold.

44. “ Before i was with Louis, i was a fan of One Direction. So girls, never lose hope. “ – Eleanor

45. Harry’s hidden talent is juggling.

46. Interviewer : How do you see yourself in 20 years ?
Niall : Older

47. Interviewer : Harry, what do your curls smell like ?
Zayn : Popcorn !
Louis : Rich mahogany !

48. Niall has said that at every signing, there’s at least one ‘fan’ tells him he shouldn’t be in One Direction and that he’s ugly.

49. Harry and Ed Sheeran call each other ‘ Potter ‘ and ‘ Weasly ‘.

50. As Harry known for talking so slowly, one of One Direction’s interviewer were sped up to chipmunk speed, where Harry sounded like he was speaking in normal speed. 




  1. I smilee like an idiot. hahah love my boys :) thanks for sharing this btw ^^

    1. Hahaha, yeah, my pleasure, i got a bunch of facts to be post soon >.<

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