PAYZER are Back !

Hello guys, when i am stalking around my friend's facebook ( yeah, i'm a stalker ) i saw a status on my news feed about PAYZER are BACK ! So, i quickly google it and i saw many pictures of them holding hands in NYC. But, they look sad and worried, Liam expression looks like he's gonna shoot someone randomly. Just look at these pic I found on tumblr.

They don’t look happy. I just spent five minutes staring at the new Payzer pictures (the ones that are HQ and you can see their faces) and they look pissed offed. In all the earlier pictures of they two of them they are both glowing with happiness just to be near each other. And in these Liam looks like he wants to hit someone and Danielle looks like she wants to either completely shut down, burst into tears or start screaming at someone. 
They are holding hands the entire time and tightly but their expressions just look wrong. I want them to be together if that is what makes them happy of course. (Actually I want them to be together because Liam is less of an ass/screwed up mess when he has Danielle to lean on) but they don’t look happy. They look miserable. So it makes me wonder if being together is what they want or if it was force…

What’s wrong with Liam? He seems scared, worried, and somewhat angry all at the same time? Like the pictures with Danielle, where he’s holding her hand. He seems worried, as if something’s wrong. And then I saw this gif and he seems to get angry at Louis for just playing with his mic. The look on his face shows pure anger and frustration. It’s not a joking anger or anything. Urgh is this just my mind over thinking things and noticing things that aren’t even there?

Emm, I'm never seen Liam so angry like this. It's kinda scary O.O


BTW, Harry and Taylor were caught hanging out at Central Park with Baby Lux.

People on tumblr keep saying they shouldn't be together cause Taylor doesn't have a boobs -_-


Don't be sad that Payzer are back or Haylor were spending time with each other, here, see this vid, it's make me laugh for 3 min ;). 

Wait, i forgot someone, if Liam with Danielle, Louis with Eleanor, Zayn with Perrie and Harry with Taylor, where is Niall ?

He was being mobbed by a group of fans. TROLOLOLOL !


  1. 'cause Taylor doesn't have a boobs?' OMG.. haha.. what a funny reason!

  2. Hahaha, yeah, cause Harry once said he wants a girl with a big boobs >.<