50 Facts About One Direction Part II

Salam ^^ Okay Eika tambah lagi 50 facts tentang diaorang. Penat mencari >.<

1. When Niall is nervous he laughs more than usual and won’t make eye contact.

2. Louis likes to kiss girls on their forehead.

3. When Niall hugs someone, he always buries his face in their neck. That’s why people love his hugs so much.

4. Harry likes it when a girl wears his clothes. 

5. Louis is in a relationship with Eleanor Calder, Liam with Danielle Peazer and Zayn with Perrie Edwards.

6. When Harry got stuck in a shopping cart, Zayn had to help him out of it.

7. Louis ignored to take a bag of carrots from a fan, so Liam offered to take it instead so the fan didn’t feel like she was being ignored. 

8. Harry’s Instagram name is ‘ givememynameplease ‘

9. When Zayn was younger, he thought he’d never get a girl to fall in love with him.

10. Louis once put ice cream on a fans face, later that day, the same fan showed up to a signing with the ice cream dried up on her face. 

11.Harry thinks a girl is so much more attractive with a nice smile.

12. Niall love horror movies and if he had a girlfriend, he would snuggle up to her just in case she got scared.

13. Zayn once waved to a fan through the car window and she fainted.

14. Louis sprayed a security guard with a silly string because he didn’t let Louis hug a fan.

15. When Liam was younger, he had a party and invited his whole class but no one turned up.

16. Harry thinks the most romantic thing you can do for a girl is have a bath with her, with lots of rose petals and candles.

17. Louis once walked around London with his friend in a spiderman mask so no one would notice him. 

18. Harry fell over in front of New Zealand paparazzi and the other boys pretended to fall too so he didn’t feel too embarrassed.

19. Once at a signing, a blind girl told Zayn “ Even though I can’t see, you are beautiful to me “

20.Louis loves it when a girl blushes.

21. “I’d rather be a kid and play with paper planes than being a man and playing with a woman’s heart “ – Niall

22. “ Niall is like my girlfriend, every time we hang out, I buy him food “ – Liam

23. When Harry is interested in a girl he’ll ask her for her name, twitter and say I love you before she leaves.

24. When Zayn was six, he threw a TV out of the window.

25. Harry says green is the sexiest colour a girl can wear.

26. The fridge in Louis and Harry’s flat is covered in letter and drawing that they received from fans.

27. Niall loves red underwear on women.

28. Liam and Louis switched names in an interview when the interviewer couldn’t remember their names.

29. Harry’s hairstylist gets annoyed with Harry after she does his hair because straight after she’s done, he’ll shake it and fix it himself.

30.Niall had a girlfriend before X Factor named Holly.

31. Once before a show Niall only ate mash potatoes because his braces were hurting his teeth.

32. “ I came home one day and one of my turtles was missing a foot “ – Liam

33. “ I want my first son to be called Tommy. It will sound great, ‘Tommy Tomlinson’” - Louis

34. Liam is the most romantic out of them all.

35. Harry likes black underwear on a girl.

36. Niall cried the most when they lost the X Factor.

37. Louis said that Harry looks like Susan Boyle.

38. Harry is a Louis fan, Zayn is a Niall fan, Niall is a Liam fan and Liam is a Zayn fan. 

39. They wear each other clothing.

40. The boys think Niall would die first in a horror movie as he wouldn’t know what was going on.

41. Liam was crying while watching Toy Story 3 so Zayn had to cuddle him.

42. “ Fans always ask me to marry them, so I’m going to have a lot of wives. “ – Niall

43. A fan once told Zayn she liked his hat so he gave it to her.

44. “ I can’t help but look into the crowed to see if I can see my future wife.” – Niall

45. “ You may not be plastic, but you sure are fantastic. “ – Louis

46. Zayn thinks short girls are the cutest.

47. Harry has a fear of snakes.

48. Liam once sent a Christmas gift to Danielle, but he sent it to the wrong country.

49. “ A horse head-butted me once. I don’t think animals like me too much. “ – Harry

50. Before X Factor, Louis worked at Toys R Us.


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