50 Facts About One Direction ^^

Hi ! Hari ni Eika nak kongsi sikit facts tentang OneDirection ^^ jyeaahh >.< Meh terjah :)

1       1. Harry Styles came out with the name, One Direction. 

2      2. Liam makes weird faces when make up is being put on his face.

3       3. Zayn said his ideal kiss would be on the roof under the moonlight.

4       4. Liam used to take 32 injections a day to stay alive.

     5. Niall doesn’t like his teeth.

6       6. Harry first autograph was to Louis.

7     7. Niall thinks he’s the ugliest of the band.

       8. Zayn name was originally spelt ‘ Zain ‘ but he preferred Zayn.

9     9. Liam gave a fan his number once.

1    10. Harry has four nipples.

1     11. Louis once gets excluded for showing his bum to his head teacher. 

       12. Zayn has a habit of biting inside of his bottom lips.

1   13. Niall rather lick a fat man’s armpit than drown in a sea of mayonnaise.

1      14. Zayn Malik smokes.

1         15. Harry perfect girl would have a good sense of humor, cute and someone who is loyal. 

1    16. Harry want to name his first baby girl ‘ Darcy ’.

1      17. “I straightened Harry’s hair in his sleep the other day, he woke up crying.” – Louis

     18.  Zayn carries around a mirror with him all the time.

1      19. Liam hates spoon more than anything. That’s why he eats ice cream using fork.

         20. Harry said that if his girlfriend ever fell asleep on him, he’d take a picture of her , so  he could show her in the morning and remind her how beautiful she is.

2        21. Harry says he wants a girlfriend who is shorter than him, so they can cuddle whenever he wants.

2    22. When Niall met Michael Buble for the first time, he was holding Liam’s hand the whole time he was so nervous. 

2       23. Once Harry stripped completely naked on a plane, only using a blanket to cover him up.

2       24. Zayn’s secret talent is drawing.

2    25.  Harry hates is when a girl calls herself ugly. He wants every girl to know that she is beautiful.

2    26.   Niall wants a girlfriend who eats just as much as him, which is A LOT.

2    27.  Harry and Louis have already slept naked together.

2    28. Harry says his hair is bipolar, some day it’s curly, some day it’s straight.

     29.   Liam can rarely drink alcohol, as he only has one kidney. Now he has two :)

3   30Louis said that his girlfriend cannot be tidy, as he’s the messiest person he knows.

    31.  Liam once said that the cure to One Direction infection is to kiss Harry.

     32.  “ After Niall met Justin Bieber, I had to take him out of the studio so he could scream how happy he was ” – Harry

3   33. Niall once had a dream all the food on the earth was gone, and he woke up crying.

      34. Louis plays piano very well.

    35. If Harry was a girl, the first thing he would do is grab his boobs. 

3    36. Niall loves green eyes.

3   37. The boys think Zayn and Louis attract most of the gays fan.

3      38. Harry dated a 32 years old woman when he was only 17 years old.

Harry and Caroline 

3    39. Louis has the biggest biceps in the group.

4    40. Zayn has six packs.

      41. Louis is the oldest, yet the most immature.

       42. It would cost 21,000 to hire One Direction for the night.

4     43. Niall is left handed, but learn to play the guitar with his right hand.

4     44. Harry takes long shower.

       45. Liam used to skip school to avoid being bullied by his classmates.

      46. Harry is scared of getting girlfriends because he doesn't want to hurt the fans.

      47. Liam loves to cook.

4     48. Harry was born with straight hair.

4     49. Zayn doesn’t like his lips.

    50. When the boys are apart, they’ll text each other saying how much they love / miss each other.

         And this one make me wanna cry :')

  Zayn is kissing you :*

I bet you kiss your computer screen too, right ?  Haha XD

Izzat lukis >.< Omeyy ! Thanks.

You hate One Direction ? I will stab you with carrots ! Gah! Ok bye -_-



  1. wah , saperr dowg nih , tak kenal pown ~

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    1. ehh, ade jugak laki yg minat diaorg tauu ^^ LMAO

  3. Famous betul Zayn dekat FB ehh. dia ni malaysian ke? haha =D Awesome. lagu diorang best.


    1. Bukan. Tapi dia muslim and ada tatu -_- huhuh >.<

  4. i love one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D HAHAA *semangat pulak :p

    1. Wohouu ! teruskan semangat andaa !