Niall Horan Smoking ?

I am very shocked when I knew it. It's heart breaking. I found it out when I was reading comments on Youtube and automatically I google it. And, this is what i found.

And I post some top comments about what other Directioner said.

I don’t know what to say, it’s a terrible habit, I know it’s his life.
But now my Niall feels have gone, and I want them back.
If I ever see him smoke again, i’m taking a ‘STOP SMOKING’ sign to the concert.

This is just proof that management wants us to believe the “good cut clean straight male that’s innocent” look. Why? Do you all see the fans reactions? “NO NIALL YOU CAN’T SMOKE! YOU ARE OUR INNOCENT IRISH BOY!” Excuse me? What the fuck. Excuse me for my language… But If you ever had been to Europe almost 3/4 of the continent smokes. I wouldn’t be suprised if one of the other boys have/ do too. Honestly if you are concerned about Niall smoking, calm down. Seriously take a deep breath and just think about yourself. Who are you? Are you Niall Horan? No. It does not affect you… See why management wants to make the boys look innocent because everyone would freak out? They are blinding you. You have to understand that…. Liam’s not innocent, Harry’s not a manwhore,Louis not an ass,Zayn isn’t moody/quiet, and finally Niall isn’t the cute little puppy and innocent like Liam. They are teenage boys.. They aren’t virgins, they drink, they smoke, and you don’t have a say in any of it. If you are upset because 2/5 of the boys smoke because of their health.. Ok.. But smoking is a personal choice. BUT if you want to believe managements images of the boys.. Go ahead but don’t freak out when you find out who they really are. This was small. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But guys seriously the picture of Niall smoking could be fake… Remember how there was another photoshopped rumor going around and that they said he cried when he saw the photo and how much people couldnt believe him and how he said he never wants to smoke… I think we should have a little more trust in him guys
But I still really don’t want it to be true anyway

1) this pic isn’t even clear so u guize don’t even jump to conclusions that that’s Niall
2) wasn’t he at a concert with Amy last night? if he was, then where is she?
3) the lighting in this is horrible, Niall’s fingers are covered with shadows though the cigarette is bright. I know there’s a lamp but its not very realistic
4) he cried when he saw the last fake pic of him smoking, so he might not want to smoke. Why start now?
5) but then again if this is Niall.. djdnffnHOTfjdjdjdnnff

* Previously photoshopped pic about the rumor *

dear people, 
this is a pen, not a cigarette. dont believe the rumors of Niall smoking, theyre not true. it is just a pen, i repeat, just a pen.


Oww ! You give me a Heart Attack ! It feels like my heart are stabbed with carrot over and over again. Niall and Zayn, please stop smoking. I love you.

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  1. kalau betul pun nialler smoke , ia tidak akan mengubah apa2 . i mean saya akannnn sayangggg diorg .. heheh walupun diorg smoking ke apa~ (:

    1. Yes, i agree because smoking is a personal choice. But it's sad to see them leading themselves to lung cancer and other complication from smoking :( i'm just hoping that it's fake fakee fakeeee !