50 Facts About One Direction Part 3

Hi ! It's the beginning of 2 months year-end school break >.< I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun. Well, actually I'm blogflying and following you :3 Okay, let's read about those five boys facts !

1. " I sleep with the same blanket i had since i was small " - Harry

2. Louis thinks Niall has the most beautiful eyes in the band.

3. Liam first met Zayn in McDonalds.

4. Zayn is obsessed with Zac Efron. He has seen all his movies.

5. If Louis doesn’t like you, he can be very rude towards you. He is the most judgemental out of the boys.

6. Niall hasn’t met a fan yet that he is interested in. He is still waiting for someone to change that.

7. Harry’s hair didn’t start to go curly until he was about 12.   

8. Liam’s favorite shoe brand is converse.

9. Harry loves to steal food off people’s plates.

10. Christina Aguilera’s part in the ‘ Moves Like Jagger ‘ music video always makes Niall laughs. 

11. When asked who is the laziest member of the band was, the boys all pointed to Zayn.

12. “ Louis is the biggest softie when it comes to kids “ – Zayn

13. Niall slept with a teddy bear until the age of 12.

14. Liam asked a girl out 22 times, each time the girl said no. When she said yes, she dumped him the next day.

15. When Liam or Louis finds a funny picture of the boys, they will set it as their phone screen.

16. If Louis were a girl for a day, he would go straight to the mirror and takes off his clothes.

17. Louis once said : Feel free to insult me, but no way will I ever be okay with you insulting my fans.

18. The boys have secret Tumblr and Twitter accounts where they act like directioners.

19. When Zayn first met Niall, his first thought was, “ Why is he hungry all the times ? “

20. Harry took a picture of Niall on the toilet and put it on a mug to give it to him as a present.

21. “ I want to have son so much ! I don’t care if I have to have 20 girls to get one. “ - Louis 

22. Harry wants a girl who can make him laughs, he loves funny girls.

23. “ I would always have to walk my girlfriend home, I’m too protective” – Niall

24. Harry has always wanted to play hide and seek under the sheets with his girlfriend.

25. Zayn sometimes googles himself when he gets bored.

26. “We were walking and Harry looked at his watch and ran to the hotel. We thought something bad had happened but he just wanted to watch Spongebob.” – Liam

27. Harry has the dirtiest mind out of the 5 members of the band.

28. If Zayn likes a girl, he will looked down and smiled, then look up at her.

29. “ I once pushed Zayn off a boat, forgetting that he couldn’t swim, and the boys and i had to jump and save him” – Louis

30. Niall : Yesterday we saw Harry crying but we don’t know why
Louis : i do
Harry : If you say it i’ll kill you
Louis : Because he didn’t give a kiss to his mum

31. Perrie often hacked Zayn’s twitter account and follow Directioners.

32. Harry said the boys never call ‘dibs’ on a girl because they would hate to objectify women.

33. Zayn’s friends call him Superman because apparently when something bad is about to happen, he’s always there.

34. Their band was originally going to be named ‘Status Single’ until Harry suggested it to be named ‘One Direction’ instead.

35. Niall’s favourite pokemon is Snivy.

36. Zayn was always known at school for sleeping in class.

37. “ Truth is , i don’t mind getting a black eye or a broken arm for my girl. As long as she’s there to kiss it after ”- Harry

38. In school, Louis was dared to walk into the girls toilet and make out with the first girl he saw. He ended up in detention.

39. “ I love seeing Zayn sleep. He has an adorable face. “ – Liam

40. Harry would like a younger girlfriend so he feels like he could protect her.

41. Zayn once tweeted a man ‘babe’ because he thought that they were a girl.

42. Niall find its attractive when a girl can speak more than one language.

43. “ How incredible would it be if we were outside meeting fans and we just grabbed one and gave them a proper song”- Harry

44. Niall ended up laughing after their ‘car crash‘ because he imagines it as a game of bumper cars.

45. When Zayn was five, he got chased by a duck until he cried.

46. Louis : Wanna hear a joke about cats?
Harry : No
Louis : You’ve gotta be kitten me

47. Harry is investing some of his money he’s earning, so when he has kids and things are though, he can sort them out.

48. According to Harry, Zayn has kissed the most One Direction fans.

49. “Fans aren’t just fans, they’re a part of my family” – Zayn

50. The boys have told Liam that he should change his twitter name because it’s too long but Liam refused to because he likes it. 


I will share more facts about them later. Such a cute boy band >.< See ya !


  1. aaaaaaaahhh thanks so much ! heheh . niall is a food lover right . aww i love one direction ♥ :')

  2. My pleasure :3 yeah, Niall currently is in a relationship with Nandos now >.<

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  4. wahh nice entry! minat one direction lagi2 harry styles. tergelak baca entri ni. dorang memang boy band yg cute kan? hee :)

    1. Thanks very much :) Suka rambut & dimple Harry ^^ yeah, they so cute they give me toothache >.<