Elounor is fake and Larry Stylinson is Real ?

Hey o directioner. So, as i was on youtube, well, i'm searching for Larry Stylinson videos. Why ? IDK :P and, i found a video about how fake Elounor and Haylor are. The video stated that Elounor and Haylor relationship just to cover up the real Larry Stylinson relationship. There are so many proves that I can't deny :/

Here are the vid.

Video One : Is Larry Stylinson Real ?

I like the 'jealously' part >.<

Video Two : Larry Stylinson is 'Just A Bromance'

 Was that a .... on their pants ? O.O

 Video Three : Why Elounor and Haylor are fake

Video Four : Why Elounor is fake

I don't expect this things. I love Larry Stylinson but.....

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