Hidayah's Birthday Party

Salam and Vas Happenin Guys ! Just one week more and we will be off from school. Well, Chinese New Year is great, rightt ? So, i would like to wish a Happy Chinese New Year to all of my chinese friend, you guys are awesome.

Recently, Hidayah invited us to her birthday party which was held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. The theme was PinkPurple and Skirt. Well,I have some problems with the theme because i don’t have any skirt or pink or purple t-shirt. After a long hour digging in my closet, finally i found one. Pink plain Adidas T-shirt. Luckily it still fit yeah. Paired it with grey cardigan and skinny jean.

We went there by Mas’s car, so packed with 5 girls at the back, so i am the one who had to sit on Ayni’s lap. I sit in a weird position and i can’t feel my leg. Kebas doh. As we arrived around 3 o’clock, Hidayah said the party wasn’t start yet. So, we find a place to chill out first. As she does the rest of the preparation, we were asked to pick a multicolored heart-shaped paper from a jar and write our wish to her and once we were done, we hanged it on a small tree which had been well-decorated with colourful ribbons, flags, pictures and coloured paper strap. There were ‘Happy Birthday’ cards hanged between two trees and balloons were poked into the ground. It’s beautiful.

The party started around 4.45 p.m. and Dayah already changed her outfit into a black jumpsuit and a tribal-patterned long sleeved shirt. 6 small candles and 1 big candle were lighted up on the Secret Recipe’s cake, and we sang a birthday songs to her. It’s ended with a massive clap and a few booms of silly string fireworks.

 27th January

Right after that, we rush to take a free dessert which was grape / marshmallow dipped in a chocolate fountain. Free for the one who wears pink and purple ribbons on their hands only. I picked grape. And then we took our turn to get the cake. Well, delicious as we know it. And we capture more pictures !

Eiman already ate his grape LOL

Me, Ayni, Eyka, Matun

Matun, Eiman Danial, Ayni, Eika

Mia, Fatihah, Mayra, Dayah, Mas

Unfortunately, it’s started to rain grizzly, but the fun still going, and shortly the rain was getting heavily, and we rush to taking our cover in the hut but that won’t stop us from taking pictures. We playing and chasing each other in the rain.

About an hour later, around 6 p.m. , we took our leave by shaking hands and thanks Dayah for inviting us. We also greet other friends whom already make their mind to leave our school. And that day was the last day we saw Nurfatihah Shaari, Izdi Afiqah and Muhammad Ikmal Harris. I will miss you guys so so much. 


Happy Birthday Harry Edward Styles ! I will always love you, infinity.

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