50 Facts About One Direction Part 5

Vas Happenin ? I think someone stalk me, and i know who (s)he is. Hmm -_- nevermind, another 50 facts only for you, Directioner !

1. Niall has a bra collection from all the bras that female directioners throw at him.

2. Interviewer : Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez ?
Louis : I’d rather say Eleanor Calder.

3. “ I feel great that my fans have boyfriend and kiss him, but not in front of my please, I’m dying “ – Harry

4. “ I can never dump girls, just because if they cry then i just get back with them instantly . It’s going to get me in trouble - especially if fans cry, I’ll end up dating them all “ – Liam

5. Niall used to wear glasses for reading and watching TV.

6. Harry : I’m not a very good actor.
Interviewer : Really ?
Harry : Did you see iCarly ?

7. Zayn gave Niall a key to his house and told him to use it for emergencies only. One day, he found Niall in there eating, saying it was an emergency because he almost starved.

8. “ I like to play with Harry’s curls . They’re just so... curly ! “ – Zayn

9. Harry likes long distance relationships because when they do meet up, it’s perfect.

10. “ Liam is the man who will never hate anybody. Such a good guy.” – Zayn

11. “ We were in Harry’s house and he was pretending to be a whale and his mum came in and told him to stop making sexual noises. “ – Niall

12. Liam likes to play with Legos.

13. Louis ate Niall’s last chip when Niall went to the toilet, and after that Niall didn’t talk to Louis for an hour.

14. Liam makes wishes on 11:11.

15. Zayn had the reading standard of an 18 year old when he was 8.

16. Somebody brought a picture of Louis and Harry along to a gay parade.

   i love Larry Stylinson so much :*

17. Zayn went outside of his house to meet about 20 fans in the rain.

18. “ I always hear Harry scream in the shower because shampoo goes in his eyes, and Louis always goes in and helps him” – Zayn

19. Niall : I’m a math genius !
Louis : What’s 675 books + 345 book ?
Niall : A library ! Ask me harder questions Louis !

20. “ If you punch Niall when he’s drunk, he takes it as you making sexual advances on him “ – Harry

21. When Harry was younger, he used to write on his toast with food colouring.

22. Liam thought YOLO means ‘ Yummy Oreos Love Origami ‘.

23. When Harry was 15, he worked at a kissing booth at a local fair.

24. “ It’s odd that girls ask if they can hug me. Don’t ask, do it. I’m just a regular guy. “ – Niall
25. Liam once cried in a restaurant because the waitress told him he couldn't eat his soup with a fork, he had to use a spoon.

26. Selena Gomez :  Zayn Malik is the only one that i liked in One Direction.
Zayn : Selena Gomez is not my type.

27. Niall failed history because he used to put his head down and sleep.

28. Liam cried during the filming of Little Things because it reminded him of Danielle.

29. When Louis was younger, he tried to drown his goldfish.

30. In the school, Harry disliked chemistry the most.

31. If Liam had to eat one thing for the rest of his life, he would eat chocolate because it tastes chocolately.

32. Harry once applied for a job as a lifeguard.
33. “ It really grabs my attention when a girl wear goggles. It shows she likes to explore the sea. Just like me “ –Harry

34. Even though Louis is messy, Harry doesn’t want to live with anyone else.

35. “ Once we were 8 hours without eating, so Louis took out a cereal bar, and instead of eating it he gave it to me “ – Niall

36. Niall annoys Zayn by singing everything in opera. One morning Niall was singing in opera and Zayn slapped him.

37. The rest of the band thought Louis was quiet when they all first met.

38. Niall went to an all-boys school so he doesn’t really know how to interact with girls.

39. The boys say that Harry gets jealous very easy.

40. “ Zayn once saw a girl inside of group of fans, and he couldn’t stop staring at her and say how beautiful she is “ – Louis

41. Louis wasn’t interested in clothes until he was 17, but now he’s addicted to shopping.

42. Zayn’s name in Arabic means ‘ beautiful ’.

43.  While shooting iCarly, they had to redo a scene 9 times because Niall would not stop laughing.

44. At a signing, a fan asked Zayn to marry her after accepting her proposal he said “ Just give me a call, we can work it out “.

45. One Direction sued by same-name American band ‘one direction’. They required the boys have to change band’s name and pay them $1 million.

46. The boys normally bring chips and blankets for the fans that waiting outside.

47. (Louis prank calling Zayn)
Zayn : Hello ?
Louis : *girly voice* OH MY GOD ZAYN, I’M LIKE YOUR BIGGEST FAN !
Zayn : Hi Louis .

48. Niall’s half eaten vegemite toast sold on eBay for $99,999.

49. “ At Christmas, I missed Harry wandering around naked and Niall farting all the time “ - Liam 

50. One Direction are Googled more than Justin Bieber.


I hate Math. And Add Math. Bye.

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