Make A One Direction Sentence

Hello >.< let's play a game, shall we ?


1. Your Birth Month

January – I sang with
February – I put on mankinis with
March – I danced with
April – I kissed
May – I poked
June – I played hide and seek with
July – I licked
August – I shared a bed with
September – I went on a date with
October – I shared food with
November – I slept with
Disember – I hugged

2. Your Hair Color

Black – Zayn Malik
Brown – Niall Horan
Red – Louis Tomlinson
Blonde – Harry Styles
Dyed – Liam Payne

3. Color of your Shirt

Black – at his mom’s house
White – at library
Red – in my room
Green – in a car
Blue – in a rain
Gray – on a beach
Yellow – at the garden
Orange – on the clouds
Brown – under table
Purple – after school time

4. Your Birth Year

1990 below – and went to jail
1991 – and tweeted it
1992 – then he told me that he was gay
1993 – then you both dead
1994 – because Kevin said so
1995 – and lived happily ever after
1996 – because we were horny
1997 – and he proposed to me
1998 - then Paul take him away
1999 – because he wanted to


Mine is ' I kissed Niall Horan in a rain and he proposed to me ' Awww, that's sooo cute ^_^ how bout yours ? Please comment, i really want to know :)

Btw, i am really pleased to meet more directioner around Malaysia. I've always blogwalking and hoping to found at least one blog of directioner. When i found one, i'm really keen to follow them but most of them don't put Google Friend Connect follow button, but put tumblr-style instead. It's disappointed me cause my computer can't follow them and i don't know why. So, prithee, put the Google Friend Connect follow button okay ^_^ not only for directioner's blog, but others too. 

 Hey, thanks for being my instant-directioner-bestfriends babe ^_^ even though i'm older from all of you :P

Is it true that Haylor were over ? Yes !


  1. haha.. thanks 4 tagging.. mine is I hugged Zayn Malik at the garden because he wanted too.. xD

  2. HEHE hai. if am not mistake, one of them is a muslim right? forgot his name :)

  3. Nak trylah. Hihi, boleh ? xD
    :: I Slept With Zayn Malik At His Mom's House And He Proposed To Me ::
    Hahahahahahah xDxD

  4. I kissed Zayn Malik in a rain and he proposed to me xD HAHAHA

  5. I poked Zayn Malik in my room and lived happily ever after .. hahaha .. awesome entry !

  6. I danced with Zayn Malik at his mom's house because kevin said so . Ahaks ;D bideway saya pun ada masalah sama takboleh follow dgn button follow -,-

  7. Hahaha :B my namee lol ^^
    I Hugged Zayn malik in my room .... 2000 tak ada XD wakakawakakawakaka. XD haha ^^

  8. I played hide and seek with Zayn Malik on a beach and lived happily ever after. haha. nice entry btw :)

  9. I licked Zayn Malik at his mom's house and lived happily ever after. Hahhaaaa

  10. I kissed Zayn Malik at his mom's house and lived happily ever after . whhhooooaaa ! HAHA :D

  11. haha so many 'zayn maliks'!! :) okay okay i kissed zayn malik on a beach because he wanted to loloolol