Imagine (Mature)

Vas Happenin guyss ? Sorreh i don’t update so often because i got many homework and folio to deal with plus I’m now addicted to Tumblr. Do you have one? You’re very pleased to follow me and i will follow back. Like, seriously. Oh i just remember, that i got to present about Papa novel with Ayni and Eiman but Eiman had absent for a week because he had to do a shooting. He is starring a new drama with Aliff Aziz. I think it’s called Nurul Kasih. Whyyy Eiman whyy now it’s only two of us whose had to do the presentation. Oh well.

So, I’m gonna post a new imagine about Niall. This one is only for 16 sx. It’s rated as mature. I’m already warned ya so read it on your own risk. Please don’t blame meh. 

 I can't.. OMG.. I'm soo dead i'm typing this from my grave. Ok bye xX

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