Hellow *in Darwin’s happy voice* How are yahh ? Apparently today (1st April) is my birthday. Yeah i’m not kidding because well you know, that date is always related to April Fool. Huh stupid. I don’t need any gifts like i used to get before because i’d already have what i wanted. I have my family, friends, laptop, handphone, phablet, Playstation2 and much more things that actually i can live without it. 


Follow. Yes. Follow. I want to follow you. No, no, i meant your blog. Not you. Awkward. I’m always use this word ‘ Follow me and i will follow you back ’. Why ? Because i meant it. And i will never unfollow any blogs that i’ve followed. EXCEPT, if they use tumblr-like follow button. I freaking hate that thing cause some blogs are smashing awesome and super pretty and sweet colored and have an amazing posts and i am really keen to follow them then you know whatt ? Yes, they use the tumblr-like button. KuangKuangKuang. Can’t tell how disappoint i am huh. 

I’m always check mah cbox to see message left from the readers and other bloggers. Thanks ! But there’s one thing (i need that one thing and you’ve got that one thing~) that i really hate. When someone tell you that they had followed you but actually they are not. So to avoid following this motherducker’s blog, i’m only follow people by clicking directly from the follower gadget, not based from message they had left. I click on their picture and their link will appear. One more, please makes sure the name written in the cbox is same with your follow account’s name. It’s kinda confusing sometimes. 

Besides, there are always some stupid people whom put a churpchurp links or other advertisement links instead of blog’s link. Watch out we got a badass over here -,- . I got my own way to not to click that lousy links. When i hover on the links, there’s a link address on the bottom left of your screen right ? Try hovering THISSSSSS. There’s link’s address right, if you can see. You can click it if you don’t mind. No, no, it’s not an advertisement link. Just a picture. No, no ! Not a ghost picture. Just click it i dare you. Hahaha !


Blogwalking. Yes. Once i’m blogwalking or blogflying (as for me) i can’t stop clicking other blogs’ links until my entire tab are full. Then i will leave mah keyboard prints in their cbox or shoutbox. I like some of the blogs they put nice background and cute smiley on their cbox/shoutbox. Unlike my ugly cbox eh. And if you noticed that i’m always write my message long until i reached the word limit. Why ? Again because i meant what i’m write and it’s a sincere compliment, trust meh. But, there are some reasons why i just visit their blog without leaving a message.

First, unstoppable songs. I know it’s your favorite song right ? But not everyone likes it. Some visitors can’t focus to read your blog if you put the songs.

Second, if you put so many un-useful widgets in your blogs like, hmm, clocks. If a visitor wants to know what time is it, they will refer to their computer/lappy clocks. Not on your blog. Some more, too much self-pictures on your sidebar. Yes, i know you’re cute, handsome, popular as Kak Ton and all that. But let’s just keep it. Can you do that ? Come on, clean your sidebars up  !

Third, a weird or striking background. Some likes to put their self-pictures too. I don’t mind but i like it more if you put a ‘normal’ background. I dislike striking yellow or orange or red plain color on your blog. It hurts me eyes. I’m even gone blind for 5 minutes. Like, seriously ?  Change to softer color then. *i like black*

Forth, un-motif able posts. Like, the story about how much you love your boyfriend. ‘ This is my boyfriend. He is so cute and handsome. Many people said that he looks like Justin Bieber, Olly Murs, Usher and Cee Lo Green. Dear boyfriend, i want you to know that i love you so much to the infinity’. Oh my god please STFU ! I don’t care ! To be honest your boyfriend actually looks like Lil Wayne ! Some blogger posts a picture of an expensive new gadget and write a single word ‘i wish i have this thing’. Okay, so ? Do you want me to buy it for you ? 

Okay okay. Not all blogs that i’d visited i don’t like. I just like neat and attractive blogs. Like, the one who provides many useful tutorials and freebies (everyone like freebies!), neat sidebars, nice background (hey, there’s some blogs which allow us to change our own favorite backgrounds, right ? ^^), easy-load, cute cursors, header and top button, informative entry and much more actually. I really love someone whom writes their blog in English and has a great sense of humor. It’s freaking awesome. Really really awesome. Kalau nak tulis dalam BM pun boleyy ~ Asalkan topik menarik and tertarik kau memang dabom. Sesetengah orang suka tulis dalam Inggeris mcm saye tapi kebanyakkan tak beberapa nak faham. Kalau tulis dalam Inggeris orang kata berlagak lah kerek lah ape tah lah -_- Eika tulis dalam Inggeris sebab my posts’ visitors second terbanyak dari US, UK and negara Inggeris lain. Kalau tulis dalam BM tah acano diorang nak baca. Please don't take this as me showing off. If i'm sounded like that, i am so so sorry. To be honest you blog is better. Always.


P/S : Wohooooooooooo, esok Pak Dollah yang jual air kat pasar tu nak belanja Eika and kawan-kawan makan nasi ayam. Rezeki birthday, Alhamdullilah. Korang hado ?