Niall Horan is dating Zoe Whelan ?

Prepare to be jealous, biatch. 

Niall Horan is said to have met Zoe backstage at one of the group's concerts and has been dating her for a number of months, according to The Sun. Zoe, is the 18 year old niece of one of Niall Horans’ bodyguards, so it’s only a matter of time before they met.

"Niall has been secretly seeing Zoe for a couple of months after he met her backstage," an insider revealed. "She's a Dubliner but is based in London to work on her modelling career. Zoe's traveled all over the UK to meet up with Niall on the band's tour."

Well, Zoe seemed to confirm any speculation of the pair getting rather close, as she tweeted about flirting with the blonde bombshell on the evening that they met:

‘Great night last night. Shame I didn’t get any sleep.'

‘Well done Harry Styles, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn – you were amazing! Banging headache though. Still got your hat Niall – you can have it back tonight. xx.’

Things appear to have got serious between the pair, and Horan took Zoe to meet the rest of his family at the wedding of his brother Greg in their hometown of Mullingar last month. "The biggest sign he's really serious about her is that he introduced her to his whole family at his brother's wedding," the insider added, "Zoe's the first girlfriend Niall has brought back to his hometown of Mullingar since making it big, so it was a big deal and the talk of his family at the wedding."

However, Zoe Whelan was quick to slam any romance rumours between her and the One Direction star.
After being overwhelmed by abuse from Directioners, Zoe was forced to leave Twitter

But, before removing her account, she wrote this message denying the claims:“No, me and Niall are not dating.”

“Now I’ve settled the rumours you can all go back to your own lives. Please stop tweeting me rude things.”

A day after Zoe was forced to deny that the pair are an item, Niall himself also denied the claims.
During a Twitter Q&A session with fans after their Newcastle concert on Monday night, he put a stop to the rumours when a fan questioned him.

The fan tweeted: “Do you have a secret girlfriend or is it a rumour bc personally i think u want me idk.”

Nialler simply replied: “I don’t!”

But . . . . . . 

The insider told the Irish Herald: “Zoe is definitely seeing Niall,”

They are smitten. It’s as serious as it can be when you’re a teenager and your other half is in the world’s most famous boy band. They are texting and tweeting each other the whole time.”
They added:“She’s mad about him but The 1D camp is clamping down and no one close to her is allowed to say anything.”


 Tbh, Ali and Amy are better than Zoe, like seriously. Can't believe i just said that. This is me right now :


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