How To Increase Your Twitter Followers ( Fandom-Based) :D

Hello guys and Hello June ^^ Wow, time flies really fast, rite? How’s your holiday ? Is it great ? Is it awesome ? I wish i can join you too. I’m stuck at home and doing nothing. Homework ? Nahhh.

Who has a twitter account, please raise your keyboard ! OMG, put it down back. Today, I’m gonna tell you how to increase your follower. It’s simple actually, if you know how to do it. Many users use autofollow or something like that to add up their follower number. I once used it, for my saved account. I find it’s not worth it.  I mean, yeah, within 24 hours you’ll have 20 followers or more. But, they are complete strangers. You don’t know who they are, they talk in foreign language (not english), posts weird pictures, swears a lot, you don’t know them personally, isn’t it disturbing and scary ?

Most of the steps I’ve listed below are fandom-based. This means, you must belong from a fan family. Like me, I’m a part from Directioner, which is a One Direction fan. Fandom can be vary, like

Justin Bieber ( Belieber ), Taylor Swift ( Swiftie ), Austin Mahone ( Mahomie ), Demi Lovato ( Lovatic ), Selena Gomez ( Selenator ), 5 Seconds of Summer ( SOSFamily ), Greyson Chance( Enchancer ), Ariana Grande ( Arianator), Ed Sheeran ( Sheerios ), Lady Gaga ( Little Monster ), Miley Cyrus (Smiler), Avril Lavigne ( Little Black Star) and the coolest fan family name, Macklemore ( Big Mac). What what what what aahaha ! And don’t forget the Janoskians too :)

The important keyword are ‘MBF’ which means Must Be Following and the other key is to hash tag the word RT which means retweet and the word THIRSTY, if you are thirsty for followers. But the most common word use is MBF and RT.

1. Guess Game

This requires you to guess their status, idols or anything of whoever retweet you. The person who retweet, MBF you. That’s how to get a follower. 

 * example *

* LOL I'm single *

2. Indirect

Indirect means you can give any comments about that person accounts. There’s mean indirect, cute indirect and much more.

 * example *

3. Shoutout

You give shoutout to whoever wants it. You can get a shoutout too, especially from big accounts. Their follower might be interested to follow you.

 * example *

4. Account Rate

There’s two ways to rate accounts. First, by using cute icons. 

* example *

Second, by using pictures.

5. DM for celebs ( If you got one )
This is the hardest way and if you’re lucky. You got to have a follow from famous celebs, or at least a verified account. How ? As a fangirl, i know how to do it, by spamming ! Spam your celebs until they notice you. You probably can get a follow. Some celebs that always do a follow spree are Jeannette McCurdy, Camryn, ThisIsUs ( they only do follow spree on Friday ) and Liam Payne. 

* example *

6.  Follow Party

You must come from a fandom, as I listed earlier. Most follow party is among Directioner and Belieber. Note that Directioner dislikes Rushers and TWFanmily. Most of them are being rude towards One Direction member and Directioner. Bitch. Okay okay. It’s necessary to hash tag the word THIRSTY. 

 * example *

7. Free Follows

This is the fastest way to get a follower. Retweet and follow someone who offers to give you a free follow. Some give 4 free follows, some give 18 free follows. Think about it, you follow one person and you get 2-20 follows in return. But there’s one thing that I realized, the one who offers more than 20 free follows, they won’t do it. They just said that they will give the free follow, but the fact they are just thirsty for followers. And i hate that so much. 

  * actually i don't think he would do free follows this much *

* a bunch of free follows *

FYI, I’m using this free follow which I’m the one who will give you a free follows. I have 5+ saved accounts. RT my tweets if you want it. 

8. Finally, 5RTs from Faves 

Actually, this step is more to add up people who will retweet your tweet. Also works only in a fandom. Tweet 5 tweets, favorite it and tweet like this

 * tweet like this *

 * if they interested they will RT your tweets *

Person who interested will retweet your tweet from fave ( bcause it’s easier ) and you must retweet that person’s tweet in return. Easy AF. 

I believe some of you must be using to track down their unfollowers, rite ? And each time you signed in, a tweet shows how many new followers and unfollowers will be tweeted automatically, rite ?

 For me it’s kinda annoying. Yeah, i use this application too. But i set it back so it won’t tweet the updates. Here, i show you how to do it. 

 * click settings *

 * to be easier, untick all*

Okey donkey kong, I will update soon. ILY xx 


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