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VAS HAPPENIN ? So, I was tagged by . Thanks btw. There are 22 questions, so i will answer them all as sincere as i could. Here are the terms :

1. Post this rules.

2. Write 11 things about yourself

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1. Obviously I am a  Crazy Mofo, which means One Direction fan. Aren’t 1D fan are called Directioner ? Well, Niall changed it. What does ‘Mofo’ means ? Don’t ask. It’s dirty and rude. 

2. I ate a lot. But surprisingly, my weight is still the same since last year – 36kg. I don’t even know how i can maintain my weight.

3. I got 5As for UPSR, 7As 1B in PMR and next year possibly 9As, insyaAllah ^_^ What subject did you get B in PMR ? You really wanna know ? Pendidikan Agama Islam. Seriously.

4. I love playing PS2 games especially Grand Theft Auto. There’s new GTA will be release soon and i will hunt for it.

5. I have a diary and i stick with it. Some people only excited to start their diary and weeks later they won’t keep the excitement to write the diary anymore like hangat-hangat tahi ayam, rite ?

6. My room is a complete mess with 1D posters everywhere.

7. When I grow up, i wanna be a Veterinarian. I will treat cats, cows and goats in a farm and dogs too.  “Muslims can’t touch dogs. “ Who said ? Muslims can touch dog if there’s reasonable purpose to do so. Therefore you’re argument is invalid, duh.

8. I hate people who reply my text or chat late.

9. I don’t really like makeups but i do wear eyeliner.

10. I swear and curse a lot, sorry.

11. Finally, I take a lot of selfies. 


1. Korang Ada banyak kawan ?

Yes, i do have many friends and i love them all. Either my friends at school nor my virtual friends. I make friends all over the world. Philippines, India, London, Greek, Syria and much more. How ? That’s the advantage of being a Directioner babe.

2. Siapa Best Firend Korang ?

 Matun, Syazreen, Eyka and Ayni ( 2011 and beyond )

3. Suka makan Ape? 
I love masakan kampung. Petai, sambal belacan all blends well in me because well, I’m pure Penang-ian. I do love fast foods too. The effect of staying as Kuala Lumpur-ian. 

4. Pernah Tak berangan nak duduk rumah macam istana fairytale yang cantik-2? 
Not really but i do dream to stay in a very big house that have slider instead of stairs. 

5. Waktu kecik suka baca Buku apa ? 
Disney Dictionary. I love it. So much. Even the pages were begins to fall apart. 

6. Suka Melukis atau Mewarna ? 

7. Apa Pendapat Korang Tentang Blog Nabila ? 
Beyond awesomeness ! Stay fabulous yo !

8. Jom Exchange Banner Nak tak ? Kalau Nak inform Nabila dekat cbox.. *Ambil kesempatan la pulakk*

I don’t have a banner.

9. Pernah Couple ? *cepat ngaku .. !*

No. Because i’m not the kind of girl that guys fall in love with.

10. Korang Suka tak gadget ? *kalau suka Kita geng!*

I’m obsessed with gadgets ! In my house there’s 8 phones, 3 tablets, 4 laptops and 3 computers.

11. Apa impian korang terhadap parents korang ?

Make them happy. 


1.Siapakan william james ? *ha jawab-jawab .. * -boleh seach internet- ^^ kalau boleh biar lah betul^^
His name sounds familiar. Is he job something to do with psycho thingy ?

2. Siapakan Dale Carnegie ?  *ha jawab-jawab .. * -boleh seach internet- ^^ kalau boleh biar lah betul^^
I guess he is a lecturer or involve in public speaking ?

3.Apakah nama lain bagi Baitul-Hamd ??? *ha jawab-jawab .. * -boleh seach internet- ^^ kalau boleh biar lah betul^^
I literally don’t know. The fact that i got B in Agama Islam in PMR, so. . .

4.apa pendapat korang tentang novel fina ?? ><
I think that they are awesome ! Keep up the good job !

5.blog ape yang korang selalu kunjung :)
OMG this is hard because I’d promise to answer the question with pure honest. Here’s the link but please don’t open it. Oh god.

6. korang ade boyfriend tak?! ye atau tak ?
No. I am single since i was born. But i do have a crush, his name is Bosco Lee. The cutest guy ever. He knew that i like him. He’s okay with it :P

7.korang pandai masak tak ? pandai masak ape ?
Hahahaha this question . . . I don’t really good in cooking put I’m more to pastry like making donuts, breads, triffle, bread pudding and some more.

8.kalau korang di berikan kuasa ajaib .. kuasa ape yang korang nak ?
I wish i can fly, read people’s mind and being invisible.

9.kalau korang pergi korea ,korang nak jumpa siapa ?
IDK because i’m not a kpopper and i don’t excited to meet any bias.

10. Hantu ape yang pandai bersilat ?
Hang Tuah.

11.kura-kura panjat dinding pecah ape ??
Pecah record.


1. Describe the scent of your shampoo.
2. Do you play any instrument ?
3. Least favorite teacher ? Why ?
4. What color is your room ?
5. What would you say if Taylor Swift asked you out ?
6. What's the last thing you ate ?
7. What my last text message says :
8. Best thing that ever happened to you ?
9. Any bad habits ?
10. Last time you cried ?
11. Who's your twitter best friend ?


That's all. Stay Fabulous xx


  1. Alamak =_=' Kena tag lagi. InsyaAllah kalau saya sempat saya jawab ok. Btw, thanks!

  2. in sha ALLAH klau ade masa sye jwab

  3. maaf tapi take time yg pnjng kot utk d jawab

  4. kene tag.. tq.. kalau ade masa mira buat ea..

  5. Thanks tag kalau free saya jawab :)

  6. da siap...nak cari mangsa skrng niyh...huhuh