2013 A New Adventure !

Assalamualaikum ! Vas Happenin Directioner ? It’s New Year ! It’s like a reset button after all the journey that we’ve went through. Sadly, I’m turning older, well, so do you :P for me, even though I’m getting 16 years old, I’m still immature. The thing that i like the most when it’s come to New Year is fireworks. Fireworks everywhere ! I don’t go to any occasion or concert to see the fireworks, just enjoy it from my house, up 15 floors from the ground. Yeah, I’m levitating in the sky. I love to feels the shock wave and the boom from the sparks. It almost pushes me back.

My wish list and task this year ? Actually i don’t have any. I always grab the opportunity that comes to me, work hard but not too much, give yourself a time to enjoy and relax then you can easily reach your goal.

Remembering all the sweet memories and pain from the past is like rewinding a tape in your mind. Oh ! And the first time i began to fangirling One Direction. It starts when i’m doing some revision with Fatihah during the short break between Geo and Agama exam in May i think. I’m helping her remember important topics by asking some quiz cause she haven’t went to school for about 2 months. She had been in hospital cause her heart was full of water. Now she’s healthy, Alhamdullillah ^_^ As i’m searching for more quiz, she asked me, “Kau kenal tak Zayn Malik ?” “Hmm, tak pasti. Kenapa ?” “Aku minat dia sangat !” “Oh, rasanya kat facebook ramai mention nama dia. Sape dia tuuhh ?” “Dia dari boyband One Direction. Kau cuba dengar lagu diaorang.“ “One Direction ? Satu Arah ? -_- Well, okay then.” I first heard their song, What Makes You Beautiful, in Shot By Shot on Astro Hitz. My first impression was “ Kenapa muka orang rambut Meggi tu macam orang bangun tido ? ”

Hahahahaaaa ! Now i laugh very hard when i think about it. How can i said like that ? He is so beautiful and sweet. Hahaha ! Okay, Okay, i’ve had such a blast in previous year, now i want to tell a bit about what i’ve been though, shall we ? :3

1. Merentas Desa  >click to read<

2. Seminar Skor A >click to read<

3. Melukis Graffiti Sekolah >click to read<

4. Year-End Class Event >click to read<

5. Masterchef Competition ( i don't post about it :P )

Heart-shaped Murtabak Meggi and Roti Jala + Mango + Castard

6. My PMR Result >click he to read<

I would like to thanks you for supporting & following my blog, lending me your beautiful eyes for reading my ugly blog. So as a closing to my last 2012 post, i serve you with a picture of

Liam James Payne,

Zain Jawad Malik, 

Louis William Tomlinson, 

Harry Edward Style 

and the cutest and talented boy ever, Niall James Horan. Bye >.<

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